Ship Your Products Quicker with Custom Kitted Packaging!

You made the sale, now it’s just a matter of getting it shipped. Right? Not so fast. First it has to be packaged. That can take a lot of your time. It may involve:

  • Erecting the box.
  • Adding partitions.
  • Gluing in foam, and/or cutting to length packaging material.
  • Printing and applying labels.
  • And more . . .

Your product's unique, its packaging should be too!

Kitting takes multiple packaging products and assembles them into a single, quick, and easy ready-to-use package. And no one does it better than IPS Packaging and Automation. With kitted packaging designs you’re always ready for product placement and shipment.

Contact us about custom designing a kitting solution for you. They’re available for a wide range of industries. Our engineers love a unique kitting project!

Think of the benefits custom kitting solutions could provide your operation:

  • Fewer SKUs
  • Reduced packaging labor costs
  • Free time to focus on your core business
  • More warehouse space
  • A streamlined picking & packing process
  • Faster labelling with kitted pre-printed labels
  • Line side delivery with pre-bundled packaging products


Kitted Bottom and Top Caps with Pallet

Line-Side Prep of Cornerboard

Box Shipment Kit

Prepared Box Shipment

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