Packaging Supplies 

Whether you need corrugated boxes, poly bags, packaging tape, or anything else, IPS Packaging & Automation carries a diverse lineup of packaging supplies. Our inventory is filled with a wide variety of different packaging materials to suit the unique needs of your business and our catalog is made up of over 30,000 individual products, guaranteeing that our team will be able to make your packaging operation a success. Take a look at just some of what we have to offer right here: 

Corrugated Boxes and Corrugated Sheets: Many buyers confuse cardboard boxes for these durable tools, but you almost definitely need corrugated material instead. Corrugated boxes are a heavy-duty method for storing and transporting items, while corrugated sheets are often used for pallet layering. Either can be used with products of all shapes, sizes, and weights. 

Stretch Wrap Film: Many packaging operations find that stretch wrap, sometimes called stretch film, is absolutely essential to their continued success. With us, you have your choice of hand stretch wrap or machine stretch film, cast stretch film or blown stretch wrap, and standard or pre-stretched stretch film. The sky is the limit! 

Poly Bags: Look to our massive inventory of poly bags and poly bag supplies for any of your packaging needs. With our wide array of plastic bags for packaging, you’ll find options of all sizes and thicknesses, as well as an immense array of styles for virtually every kind of business.  

Packaging Tape: When you need the right packaging tape to seal a carton or case, be sure to consider our many choices, including water-activated tape, carton-sealing tape, natural rubber tape, paper tape, strapping tape, acrylic tape, and beyond. We even carry premium options from trusted brands like 3M tape and tesa tape.  

IPS Packaging & Automation carries all of these packaging supplies and much, much more. Our team of expert account managers can help you get precisely the packaging materials that your business requires to get the job done efficiently and accurately without wasting time or money.